Hayashi Toyo


- Hayashi Tooyoo 林 桐葉 Hayashi Toyo -
lit. "paulownia leaf"

(? - 1712 正徳2年) Toyo died at age 60.
His name was Hayashi Shichisaemon 林七左衛門.
His earlier haigo was Mokuji 木而/木示

He lived in Atsuta town, Owari (now Aichi prefecture).
Basho stayed at his home twice on this way to Ise shrine.

Basho also wrote 3 letters to Toyo.

At his home, they had a few haikai parties, composing renga.

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Matsuo Basho visited Toyo :
in 1684 貞亨元年, Basho age 41

kono umi ni waranji suten kasa shigure

Into this sea
I'll throw away my straw sandals;
Cold shower on my hat!

Tr. Oseko

On his way from Ise via Kuwana, Basho had finally arrived in Atsuta.
He was ready to throw his sandals into the sea after this long walk and stay a few days with Toyo. They held some haikai parties during his stay.

Matsuo Basho and his
. - kasa 笠 hat - .

source : kikyou0123
haiku sweet of his hat in the sleet


On another occasion Basho stayed there and wrote,
on his way back to Kanto, Edo:

牡丹蘂 ふかく分出る蜂の名残哉
botan shibe fukaku wake-izuru hachi no nagori kana

From deep within
the peony pistils, withdrawing
regretfully, the bee.

Tr. Shirane

(I have stayed at your home and received such friendly welcome, like a bee filled with good honey from the peony, now taking my leave with great regret and wonderful memories.)

Basho compares Toyo with a peony and himself with a bee.

This hokku has the cut marker KANA at the end of line 3.

source : kikyou0123


Atsuta Jingu 熱田神宮 Atsuta Shrine

Matsuo Basho visited here on his trip "Nozarashi Kiko" 野ざらし紀行.
He wrote

I went to Atsuta to worship.
The grounds of the shrine were utterly in ruins, the earthen wall collapsed and covered with clumps of weeds. In one place a rope marked the remains of a smaller shrine, in another was a stone with the name of a god now unworshipped. All around, mugwort and longing fern grew wild. Somehow the place drew my heart, more than if it had been splendidly maintained.

. WKD : Atsuta Shrine Festivals .

. Nozarashi Kiko 野ざらし紀行 .


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